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axel thor hammer 2.0 stainless steel 2014 signature hammerAxl one of the worlds most creative dudes and artist unlimited latest creation is online and you are invited! Axl is combining some of his top selling jewelry armour accessories and merchandise and some fave products into one site and offering the opportunity for you to make money by joining his A Team. Axls most popular jewelry designs ,Thor Hammers, Belt Buckles, accessories and a full Axls Style Leather and Music Dept too!. Many more new items are being loaded by Axls Ateam as we speak and the site is in prelaunch so you come on back now you hear!
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Perfect and I love the it!!!! I will leave you alone now. I wanted you to do this design because I have seen your work and it is unbelievable. I trust you to do whatever it is that you do that makes your designs unique. I just need it to be just right. The rest is up to you. Go! Create! Make your magic! You are very cooool.!!!
Rose N.Y C.
axelthor spelled in runes 7 - 25mm sterling silver rings

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While cabbing around the City one day, thats NYC. I get into this cab and the driver turns around and says "You sure do smell good". Now I know what your thinking. Was he hitting on me? I am a good looking guy and desired by both men and women. Or is it just that I have developed one of the finest mens fragrance that ever was. Now a NYC cabby smells alot of people in a course of the day and for a comment like that it proves that Axels Thor mens Fragrances and Colognes are very alluring. So no matter which way you swing you will not find a better fragrance than Thor and the other products from Axels Fragrances.