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Axel brings to you the greatest affiliate program ever. You can trust Axel is looking out for his Team members and wants your confidence. And this means that any return sales are also recorded not like other sites, even amazon does not do that!
This is not just an affiliate program you can actually earn commissions for doing nothing at all!! Read more....
When you sign up as a affiliate you get a affiliate website with full access to all your stats like click throughs from your links, sales reports and sign ups. There is a chat room, a personal messaging system that can send encrypted messages to other affiliates and support.
There is member upgrade option in which you can earn a commission from direct access customers. You can earn a commission on sales for doing nothing except being an active affiliate. That means at least one login amonth and valid clicks from your affiliate link. If you need any support its just a PM away.
This is a great opportunity to make money with up to a 25% commission by just posting links all over the web like facebook forums etc. If you use facebook or share cool items for sale why not get a return for your efforts. This is the absolute best system in affiliate sales and marketing bar none.

Its all part of the plan!

FeaturesWhats Axels Style?
  • 100% anti-cheat system for peace of mind.
  • An affiliate code is required for purchases.
  • 5 thumbs up product rating system.
  • Check your click throughs for your links.
  • Check your referral sign ups.
  • 0.50 for each valid affiliate sign up from your sign up link
  • Full sales reports with pending sales and product ordered.
  • PM system with encryption.
  • Chat rooms.
  • Active affiliate upgrade feature is money for nothing!!
  • Upgrade members earn random sales commissions from direct access visitors!.
  • Up to 25% commission for top affiliates.
  • Sign up today. See below to join the A team.
Well you should be able tell what Axels Style is not!
Axels style is all about being unique and not being a clone! A non conformist. Does not care about main stream "labels". One who does not live his live worrying what people think and say.
If main stream dont like it that possibly Axels Style! Axels Style is leather, boots, spikes, chains, piercings, stainless steel jewelry, big armour style cuffs, flashy color gemstone big rings, tattoos, Sharp objects, Pagan Gods, Thor Hammers, Road Warrior, Esoterics, Erotisism, Grain Alcohol, hard style music whether it listening or writing and producing it be metal, electronic hardcore variations, Industrial variations or classical. Ever blast some Beethoven at ear shattering levels! You will get the idea. But thats not all. Axels Style Armoury website will be combining some very cool unique and flashy items that Axel makes, that Axel approves of, endorses and loves. So get on board and take a ride on the wild side!

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Affiliate confidence is important with Axel. So with his new affiliate system you can never lose or be cheated out of a sales commission because of someone bypassing your refferal code.

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